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FFVII Femme Awards

FFVII Female Icontest
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&! Every week, one of the moderators will pick a theme and you will create an icon or two based on that theme. We'll rotate so that each week a different moderator choose the theme, sets up the voting, tallies the votes, and announces the winners.

&! You can submit 1 or 2 icons per theme.

&! The icons must have something to do with any of the Final Fantasy VII/AC females only.

&! All the icons must have something to do with the current theme. If it is not obvious how it fits, then please take the time to explain.

&! Fanart is not allowed. Sorry.

&! In the submission post, please only post the image(s) of your one/two submissions.

&! The icon must be created by you. You may use a premade base or texture, and you must credit the maker of the base.

&! The icon you submit must not have been used or released on the internet. It can, however, be one that has been sitting on your hard drive forever as long as it iss of a Final Fantasy VII/AC character, fits the theme, and hasn't be seen all over LiveJournal, or any where else.

&! No pornographic images, hentai, yaoi, or yuri. If you submit one that has to do with any of that, you will be banned from the community.

&! The icon must be 100x100px or under, and 40kb or under.

&! No voting for your own icons.

&! Notice The place (1st, 2nd, 3rd) of each icon is not determined by how many votes it receives, but by how many points the icon receives.
1st place: 3 points, 2nd place: 2 points, 3rd place: 1 point. Icons nominated for the Special Category receive three points with each nomination. Of course, the icon with the most points wins for the Special Category. I just threw the points in there to make it seem more fun. :)
Basic Category
&! Best Overall: First place, second place, and third place. The icons that overall look the most appealing.
Special Categories
Each week one of these special categories will be chosen. The special category will not be announced until the voting has begun.
&! Best Color: The best coloring. It doesn't have to be vibrant colors, so long as the colors just make it look nice.
Best Adaptation: The icon that was put together the best to match the theme. While this icon was not the best overall as, the person had a good idea, and picked the right scene to use.
Example: Lyric: "stand by me" They put this lyric in an icon, and an image of two people standing alongside one another.
&! Most Creative: Again, it doesn't have to be the best icon, it only has to be put together in a more unique and creative style.
&! Mod's Choice: Any of the moderators get to decide who wins this without consenting the other moderators. This is simply the icon that the moderator in charge of that week's theme liked the best, personally.
Voting Format
&! Best Overall: #, #, #
&! Special Category: #
Moderators/Banner Makers
&! Mod & BM: _smoothie/aethereal
&! Mod: rinoa_heartilly
&! Mod: sakura_luv
&! BM: reall_goodchild
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